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Incredibox team - Incredibox creators - So Far So Good Studio - Allan Durand, Romain Delambily, Paul Malburet, Flora Commaret
Incredibox Official
The Incredibox team - We are French, we are 4, we love graphic design, music and multimedia, so we made Incredibox!
Incredibox Official wallpaper
Incredibox - Exhibition Design Map, Cité du Design, France - © Photo Sonia Barcet

So Far So Good

We are French, we are 4, we love
graphic design, music and multimedia,
so we made Incredibox!

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The story

This story starts in 2009, when 3 friends wanted to mix their skills to create an interactive game about music.

Allan, Romain and Paul worked on this idea during several months. They made all they needed from scratch... Graphic design, music, game design, code, animation, etc.

After lot of days, lot of nights, liters of coffee and too much cigarettes, they finished the game Incredibox and put it online.

During the year 2010, Incredibox got lot of visitors from all around the world, really cool recognitions and very good feedbacks from users.

In 2011, a fourth friend, Flora, joined the team and together they set up “So Far So Good”, a French company specialized in graphic design and multimedia.

They decided to work half time on creative projects for customers and half time on the Incredibox project.

They launched a second version of Incredibox on March 2012 and a third one on October 2013. Since his released in 2009, the musical game has been played more than 30 millions times.

As long as Incredibox will be loved by users, the team will keep working on it.

The Incredibox team

Incredibox team - Allan Durand - Webdesigner.
He is the coder of Incredibox. He builded the game by typing thousand lines of codes. He also does the animation part and takes care of the website by managing databases, servers, recording, social networks, emails, etc.
Incredibox team - Romain Delambily - Illustrator.
Graphic design
He is the illustrator of Incredibox. He drawed each faces, each mouths and each suits for the game. Also, he works on the graphic universe of the project. If you like the Incredibox design it's because of him!
Incredibox team - Paul Malburet (aka Incredible Polo) - Musician.
He is the voice behind Incredibox. All the sounds he creates for the game are only from his mouth! He is an excellent musician, you can know more about him by googling his artist name “Incredible Polo”.
Incredibox team - Flora Commaret - Press services, exhibitions and partnerships.
Everything else
She is in charge of press services, exhibitions and partnerships. She manages all the administrative, legal and accounting tasks of the project. Before everything else, she is a graphic designer and a teacher for master students.


Incredibox [...] search terms with the most significant growth worldwide... (+5000%)

Google, Insight trends, April 2012
“...this site will give you that coolness you have always desired.” [ Rob Ford ]

Adobe, Edge of Flash Newsletter, December 2009

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