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The story

It all started in 2006 in Saint-Etienne, France when 3 friends, fresh out of school, came up with the idea of making a musical game together. Allan, Romain and Paul - each self-taught in his respective field - worked on this idea during their free time for several years. They spent countless hours doing everything they needed - coding, graphic design, music, game design, animation, web design and more - from scratch. At the end of 2009, they finally finished the first version of Incredibox and put it online (secretly hoping for great user feedback).

A few weeks later, they won their first web award, from the renowned FWA, a real honor for the team. Suddenly, Incredibox was getting thousands of visitors from around the world every day, many of them emailing congratulations and encouragements to continue this project. By the end of 2010, the game had been played more than a million times. Both astonished and thrilled by the wave of enthusiasm on the web, the team began to think their creation could become something even better.

Well, the 3 guys decided to take up the challenge! But first of all, they had to find a way to make ends meet to be able to pour so much time and energy into the project.
Which is why, in 2011, they set up So Far So Good, a French company specialized in web, graphic and sound design. The idea was to work half of the time on creative projects for customers and spend the other half focusing on Incredibox. Though the pace was intense, it enabled the team to improve the project over the years, helping make it what it has become today.

Since its creation, So Far So Good has often been contacted by international brands interested in having a custom version of Incredibox, through which they could engage their audience in a creative, musical process. This has given the team the great fortune to build web campaigns for brands such as LINX and M&M's.

More surprisingly, since 2016, both the app and website have been used by many teachers and schools all over the world. The game is used as an educational tool allowing kids to discover the basics of musical creation.

Today, Incredibox it's more than 2 million app sales and more than 80 million visitors on the demo. As long as the project continues to be loved by users, the team will keep working on it with the same passion!

The team

Incredibox team - Allan - Webdesigner.
Director / Dev
A true web tech fanatic, Allan is the coder behind Incredibox. He built the entire game structure by typing thousands of lines of code (mostly in the wee hours of the night).

Also in charge of 2D animation, he breathes life into all those funky Incredibox dudes, frame by frame.

Finally, as the company's general manager, he takes care of the project and handles all administrative and business aspects.
Incredibox team - Romain - Illustrator.
Graphic designer
Obsessed with the perfect pixel, Romain designed the entire visual identity for the project. He has drawn all of the faces, icons and clothing for every version of Incredibox.

Responsible for designing bonuses and storyboards, he spends hours on each frame to create the perfect visual mood.

As well, he carefully answers users’ questions through tech support.
Incredibox team - Paul (aka Incredible Polo) - Musician.
A singer and composer, Paul is the incredible voice behind Incredibox. His role: to compose the game’s diverse array of groovy atmospheres.

A bona fide musical chameleon, all of the sounds he creates for the game come only from his mouth!

Outside the project, he is pursuing his career as a musician – under the moniker “Incredible Polo” - and has already put out several albums.
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